Welcome to MeikoBella Studio Classes

What you will expect from each class:

  • New techniques taught every time.

  • Your own ideas will be the inspiration of your work.

  • Different canvas sizes to choose from.

  • Theme Nights will enhance the fun experience!

  • I will guide you through the process. If you need more help or less, I will be there every step of the way.

  • You can bring your own beverages.

  • I will always provide some kind of fun treat...I love to cook!

  • Most of all, you will take home an original that you will be proud of.

How I generally set up my classes:


Everyone is welcome whether you are an artist or not. I will have a month to month schedule of classes for you to pick from.  Sign up for one or more if you would like. Once you find a class you would like to learn then think of where you will be putting the piece or who you may be giving it to. That way when you come in for the class you will know just about the size canvas you will be purchasing. The night of the class you will purchase the canvas and then begin the fun adventure! My studio will be set up with large easels for you to paint at. You will use a palette board, pick your own brushes, and have your own space to be creative in...just like it was your own studio. I will be giving paint out depending on what colors you need and what you are painting. There will be sketch paper to use if you need to think on paper first. I will be guiding you through the evening as well as working along side you.  I want you to think of us as a TEAM...we are in this together! There will be breaks while paint is drying, good opportunity to eat, drink, and mingle! Remember this is all in FUN and laughter. With all that said, I want you to take a piece of art home that you thought of, that you can be proud of, and that no one else has.  No one goes home with the same painting EVER. I will provide the outline, for example: its flower night, I am going to paint three red flowers with some green leaves and purple little berries.  You want to paint 5 yellow flowers, some green leaves in a vase.  YOU CAN DO THAT!  If you want to paint exactly what I am doing...YOU CAN DO THAT!  I will teach you the technique, but it is your painting that you will design!  


Once you do one night of class, you will want to come back for more!  It's fun, unique, and inspirational.


Canvas Sizes available and Prices:

(unless noted differently)

8 x 10 = $10

11 x 14 = $15

12 x 16 = $20

16 x 20 = $25

20 x 20 = $30

 (each class you participate in your name will go in a paint pail upon arrival, the name I pick gets their canvas FREE that night...Woot Woot!)