3 Things that Inspire Me

1.  Music

2.  My two daughters

3.  A quiet, sunny Day

3 Things that you will find on my Art Table

1.  Lava lamp

2.  I love my cat mug

3.  A lit candle!

Quote I live by

You only live once, but if you do it right...Once is all you need!

About Heidi Louise Maas

Heidi started her art career at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, WI.  After she graduated in 2001, she moved to Arizona with her husband.  Shortly after they moved, Heidi had her beautiful daughter.  Heidi's life took a little happy detour.  Once her awesome family moved back to the Milwaukee area, her second beautiful daughter was born.  Motherhood has been Heidi's main focus for many years and it will remain that way forever....BUT 2017 is the year that Heidi found her way back onto the path of painting once again.  It was worth the wait!!!!

Heidi has now opend up her own little secret in the Falls.  A cute little art studio/gallery all to herself (with the hopes of her daughters using it as well).  She works with acrylics and oils, but loves to do fun unique things with mixed media as well.  Heidi plans on breaking open her creative brain, hoping that her audience finds it fascinating.  

    Some fun facts about Heidi:

  • She started dating her husband in high school and they have been married for 20 years.

  • She loves, loves, loves to cook!

  • Her favorite thing to do is travel...Hawaii, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia are favorites so far!  Up next is Netherlands, London, and Paris.  Iceland or India the next round!  

  • She was the photographer for Washington County Humane Society for 3 years.

  • She is known for putting on some great parties!  

  • Animals are the best thing since sliced bread.  She has two dogs and two cats...would love more!

  • Heidi is known for her famous bundt cakes...at least that's the word around town.   

  • Her degree is in Art Education K-12

  • She enjoys her daughters many activities and has found a new love for bleachers

  • She has coached gymnastics at the high school and club level

  • Her favorite drink is Jack Daniels (which is the name of her golden retriever)

  • Heidi can be found walking her dogs or gardening in her beautiful yard in her spare time 

  • Once her daughters graduate (VERY SOON), she plans on moving to Captiva Island!  Yea!!